Tirumalesh on Akshara’s article

K.V. Akshara is a well-meaning person and has been doing a good job in Heggodu, but unfortunately his comparison between Madesnaana and IPL is far-fetched and sidetracks the issue of the heinous practice of rolling over leaves in which people have eaten. Rolling over the ground may be good exercise (indeed it is!) but the temple practice is medieval and is associated with superstitious beliefs and exploitation of ignorance. Akshara probably never realized the implications of the comparison he made. He should come out and condemn the Madesnaana practice unequivocally.

Although I am an agnost, I will not like our temples to be done away with. But there is a need to modernize them. At present they are awefully filthy! Get them cleaned, make them an iviting place where people of all faiths and beliefs can come together and worship. First of all, get them fitted with bathrooms, fans and lights! A good flooring please!

As for the IPL thing, I don’t know much about it. But people have always gone where they get wellpaid, even in the teaching profession.

If this is done by auction, well, there is the rub and Akshara may have a point! But this is a separate issue.

-k v tirumalesh

photo courtesy: Kendasampige

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  1. Ashok Shettar
    ಜನ 25, 2011 @ 17:26:39

    Professor Tirumalesh is quite right when he says that Akshara’s comparison between Madesnaana and IPL auction is far-fetched and sidetracks the issue of a heinous practice. I am surprised that Mr. K.V.Akshara has found himself in a situation wherein so many people have to tell this simple thing in so many words. As for Tirumalesh’s suggestion that Akshara should come out and condemn the Madesnaana, it is not going to happen. A couple of days ago on the sidelines of a seminar in Mysore some of us were discussing with Professor S.N. Balgangadhar, the well known scholar of the study of comparative cultures in the Ghent University of Belgium.When I told him about Akshara’s article in Prajavani and the reactions and resentment generated by it, Prof. Balgangadhar told me Akshara told him he was very happy about that article of his!


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